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In the presence of digitalized global context, Information Technology is updated with novel and advance methodologies because technology is beyond a theory itself but an elegant combination of theory and practice to deliver effective solutions. Survivability in the sector of Information Technology is depending on competency in various technologies and adaption to new and advance technologies which are entering to the technical arena.
As much as the Information Technology era has opened up tremendous possibilities and opportunities for enhancing and enriching the knowledge system and making it accessible to people separated by issues such as knowledge gaps that relate to the unequal distribution of technical knowledge and resources. As Sri Lankans we must take a step to cope with this idea as it is essential to enhance the knowledge and skills of those who are interested in Information Technology especially focusing on beginners such as school students. There are projects to provide physical resources to rural areas launched by government and private sectors which have initiated the break to digital divide. However the language barrier has been identified as a problem when they tried to access the knowledge because of qualitative learning materials available in the internet are in English medium while school students learning ICT in their mother tongue, either Sinhala or Tamil medium.
The requirement of qualitative and quantitative materials to support learning Information Technology in local languages raised the idea of FIT2School initiated by INTECS and student union. As IT undergraduates of University of Moratuwa we explore the knowledge and skills which rule the global IT industry as we receive many opportunities and sound knowledge from academia. FIT2School is a platform established by students to interact with school students and IT undergraduates to share the theoretical and technical knowledge in Information Technology. FIT2School attempts to satisfy the intensive demand for qualitative materials required by G.C.E. Advance Level ICT students who study in Sinhala or Tamil medium. The aim of the FIT2School is exceeding the university boundaries, because we have a vision to prepare our future generation to be competent leaders the industry based on the web platform. FIT2School comprises of comprehensive articles based on the ICT A/L syllabus, modern technologies and trends in the market, Java Programming and .Net programming from the basics to enhance the IT literacy of everybody who are interested. Further we are planning to expand the scope into various emerging technologies and innovative research areas.
FIT2School is a noble concept initiated by early batches of Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa and we, the current batches endeavor to present FIT2School as a collaborative effort with the determination of reaching the extremes. FIT2School is a bridge to connect the student to the global IT knowledge because Information technology is impacting all walks of life all over the world.
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  • - December 9, 2013

7 thoughts on “FIT2School – About Us

  1. I am always appreciate this blog. Very useful to me. Because I am a Teacher of ICT. Only held free Classes for my village students. So, Please give me a post for Ordinary ICT Visual Basic Language. Please if you can do it, so great. So again I apreciated this blog…

  2. Hoda blog 1k. Man A/l ict karanne.,polonnaruwe..2015 thama exam liyanne.ithin mn ada thama me web site 1ta awe…Ane oyalata hugak pin me wage educational web sites pawathwagena yanawata…,Apita igena ganna udaw karanawata..ithin wish u all the best…!!!!! Keep it up..!

  3. This is really a great job… But what happen to the student who doing their A/L ICT in English medium. Please will u able to upload all these lessons in English it will be a big help.

  4. It’s really awesome. before i found this, i wasn’t know what do for it. my it teacher said that son when you go to google. don’t waste time by facebooking, go and search i did exactly what she said. thank you so much for making a website like this. please continue your service for those who need support. thank you again and again.

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