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Kanchana Gunathilaka

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  • - December 9, 2013

19 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. what happen to you AL ICT guide ? It is very important and useful students and teachers. Please continue AL ICT guide.plzzzzzz

  2. AL ICT (Guide)Links are not working. It is very useful to teachers as well as students. Please upload all the notes.

  3. Database Systems Archive වල ER Diagram ,Normalization ගැන සිංහල සටහන් ටිකක් එවන්න පුළුවන්ද?

  4. GIT satahan tikak sinhalen danna puluwannam hodayi….
    OL ICT wenuwenuth web eke kotasak wen karanna…

  5. Please add some notes for following topics.
    Specially for A/L ICT students. ( including questions)
    * Python
    * Normalization
    * K-MAPs
    * Networking ( IP address – Maths Part) etc

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